Dumb Sysadmin Question - Two Networks, Never the Twain Shall Meet

Hey, network geniuses. This has been bothering me during all my days as a "sysadmin" and just cropped up today. Say you have two networks... 192.168.0.X, subnet mask, gateway is and 10.0.1.X, same subnet mask, Basically, in this case, it's an Apple Airport as the gateway and non-Apple network running wired. Now say I wanted one of the 192.168.0.X machines, say, to connect to the Apple gateway to use some of the AirTunes features and to hook up with another laptop on the Airport network.

I have a standard router with all the router/firewall goodies controlling the gates at the cable modem, the Airport hooked up to that router, and the 192.168.1.X machine wired to the router. At what point do I need to create a connection to those two networks. Send tips to tips at gizmodo dot com with subject line "N00B" or just leave a comment calling me a n00b. Emailed tips will receive a Gizmodo invite and my undying love, whichever comes first.


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