DVD Boom Box Is Booming Marvellous

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I was talking to a friend earlier, but that is quite enough showing off from me. Check out this DVD boom box from Go Video. The device packs in a 7" LCD along with CD and DVD playback capabilities. To wow you even further it has an AM/FM radio too.


The features themselves may not be something to shout about, but all compiled into this little package and you have our attention. Who cares if the screen is puny, it is big enough to do the job. (Insert willy joke here. Oh, sorry your willy is too small to qualify). Coupled with the fact you will be able to control your movies and music in stereo sound via the packaged remote and you have a solid little performer. I cannot remember this much functionality all in one device since...since, oh, I really cannot think of a decent multi-functioning gadget, Apple fan-boy that I am. Well, not at $159.99 anyway. [Krunker].



I have one of these jamboxes, only branded as "transonic". Its a pretty odd hybrid. The radio has an analog knob tuner, and the dvd has 3 outputs on back: composite video, optical audio and digital video out. Thats right, two flavors of digital audio out and one sad little composite analog video.

The plus side is that it uses one of the cheapy chinese chipsets, so it will play damn near anything you throw at it. Divx, avi, mp4, raw mpeg1/2 files, you name it. It brings up a menu when you stick in a data cd/dvd and shows you all the files on it organized as readable videos, photos and music files. I stuck a dvdr stuffed with 4 gigs of mp3s and it loads and shuffles them no problem.

It also allows a simple combo on the remote to disable all region coding and copy protection.

There is no line input for an mp3 player, but there are two karaoke mic inputs on the front... in case you want to sing along with fight club or something.

Its almost like a factory that made jamboxes, dvd players and lcd screens had a bunch of random parts and told the janitor he could have a bonus if he was able to hornswaggle them together.

That said, it rocks over any of the laptop style portable players. I guess its perception, but a big nice loud bassy movie soundtrack easily makes you forget the tiny screen. I dont think that works the other way around. We've taken it to parties, used it as a backup dvd player and with an fm transmitter, this jambox provided tunes during my wife's pregnancy. Its totally funky, but I dig it.