DVD Disc Manager 100 Keeps Your Adult DVDs Safe

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We get lots of pitches for products, but the guys at Disc Makers finally found one that pierces through the clutter and reaches into the heart of our everyday worries. Here's what we got:

Hi Jason,

Are you looking for a safe place to store your adult DVD collection?

Dude, it's like you're staring right into my soul!

Disc Makers has you covered with the Disc Manager 100. The Disc Manager 100 allows users to store and password protect certain DVDs owners may prefer to keep private.

Mark would find this useful.

The Disc Manager 100 and its bundled software makes it easy to locate any file and eject the appropriate disc in seconds. It also protects your CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs from damage caused by improper handling, exposure to dust, and UV light.


No one wants dust on and/or improper handling of their adult DVDs.

Users can stack up to five Disc Managers 100s - allowing parents to manage a 500 disc library with just one USB connection.

Whoa, whoa. You didn't say anything about letting my parents handle my adult DVD collection before.

...OK I'm sold. [Disc Makers]


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Its missing one important feature. In the case of its owner's death it needs to self destruct so family members don't find the DVDs while going through their things.