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We're still digging for confirmation, but meanwhile, word has it that E3, the annual Electronic Entertainment Expo that's a mecca for gamers, electronics/techno vendors and the press that covers them, could be killed or at least seriously fragged.


The mega-event will at least be seeing some major changes, because apparently vendors are getting sick and tired of the arms race associated with the annual event, where each tries to one-up the other with ever more-expensive liquor-and-caviar parties for the press, while achieving new heights of schwag giveaways and "booth" opulence. Perhaps companies are thinking, what next? Giving away Rolls Royces and Rolexes?

While some sources are saying E3 may shrink to a wisp of its former self, others pronounce the event dead. We're in contact with officials at the group in charge of E3, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), trying to get to the bottom of this with some sort of official statement. More as we get it.


E3 Cancelled?! [Kotaku]

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