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In much the same way that science came to the rescue for a tail-less dolphin, a very dedicated group of volunteers is working hard to develop a robo-beak for one unfortunate eagle. "Beauty" was the victim of a hunter's bullet a number of years ago, leaving her unable to clutch or tear at food. Over the course of the last two years, a crack team composed of mechanical engineers, dentists, and veterinarians has been assembled to design and attach a lightweight nylon-composite beak formed using molds made from computer models.


If the procedure is successful, the beak could help Beauty clutch food and drink water properly (and no doubt deliver a big boost in self-esteem). However, because of her limitations, she will never be able to survive if returned to the wild. Still, the researchers behind the project believe that Beauty could potentially live another 43 years in captivity thanks to their efforts. [CrunchGear via Wired]


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