Earbuds Under $50 That Actually Have a Hope of Sounding Good

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Apple EarPods—or whatever crap headphones came with your phone—aren't the best way to listen to music, but nice gear is expensive. You can't blame people for not wanting to spend a lot of money on something they're just going to lose or destroy. Well here's a $40 alternative to garbage that's almost certain to sound pretty good.

Why are we so confident that Sol Republic's new Jax in-ear headphones will sound better than other stuff in its price range? Since its first over-ear headphones came out a couple of years ago, Sol Republic has built its reputation on solid, aesthetically handsome gear that's cheaper than the competition's offering.


The buds have a newly designed drivers, tangle free cables, and your standard three-button remote. While they're not as striking to look at as other Sol Republic stuff, they've got an admirable minimalism—hopefully Sol Republic making sure the guts sound great. [Sol Republic]

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I'm definitely willing to try it - my klipsch s4i (the one with the phone/ipod controls on em) have been my current champions, though I had another set (that I predictably lost) who's name escapes me, but it had a nice flat cable for the buds (also ipod controls) that came in a very close second. The klipsch is definitely lacking somewhat on bass "oomph", but since I tend to listen to a fairly marginal mix of 80s rock, classic rock, and soundtracks, definitely sufficient for my needs.

Look forward to hearing reviews on these however...anybody that can crank out something for under 80 bucks with even decent sound quality is a win in my book.

Edit: just remembered the flat cabled ones I liked, ajay fours. Another remarkably decent set that I picked up for relatively cheap.