Earn Pizza and Fame by Sharing Your Holiday Horror Stories

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Many of you have stories of Decembers gone technologically wrong, but telling them to friends over the dinner table only gets you laughs and sympathetic looks. Telling them to Gizmodo can get you pizza and fame. Pizza and fame.

Basically, we want to hear your holiday-themed tales of gadget horror and technology disasters. As incentive to open up and share, we've got some free pizza for the very best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) story. What we'll do is post that story along with some of our favorite runner-ups so you'll become Internet-famous and a part of Gizmodo history.

Sounds good, no? I know it might be scary to share a traumatizing tale, but you're safe here and we won't laugh too much. So, email me your stories with the subject line "Holiday Horror" and make me want to give you pizza and a post on Gizmodo.

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One time, I was trying to be all smooth and suave with a female editor at this tech blog, so I sent her a funny tale in the hopes she would deliver pizza to me. Then, someone knocked on my door Christmas Eve! I don't remember much after that, except I found an iron bar that someone used to hit me lying next to me.