Quantum mechanics is strange. Theoretical probabilities absolutely need to exist to match experimental observations: the quantum waveform really does describe particles in the world we live in. Inspired by this week's Friday Physics, I went hunting for the most decorative quantum waveform earrings.

Quantum State Earrings

These quantum state earrings are the work of Nicholas and Felice, an artist-couple who usually sell their wares at the weekly market in Eugene, Oregon. During their year-long hiatus, or for people outside the Pacific Northwest, you can buy the earrings on their Etsy shop NicholasandFelice.


Quantum mechanics has its own special symbols for writing it out. Bra-ket notation has a certain beauty to it, and a simple naming scheme: <| is bra, while |> is ket. The earring pair with phi are a pair of undetermined wave states (not in bra-ket notation), while <0| and |1> are the kets for a pair of base states. While not in bra-ket notation, variable-pair psi and phi can also be used to explore wave states.

At least a few of these designs are also offered as pendants for those not inclined towards earrings. Keep an eye on newly-developed designs via their Facebook page.


Time-independent Schrödinger Equation Earrings

These earrings are a matched set of either side of the time-independent Schrödinger equation with your head functioning as the equal-sign. The earrings are designed by Kerry, and you can pick up a pair at his Etsy shop Stark060.


Kerry graduated from Rice University in Chemical Engineering, and is now neck-deep studying for his qualifying exams for his doctoral studies in Material Science at the University of Minnesota. He also offers up his designs via 3D printing with various materials and fixtures, so you could adapt this equation-pair to something besides earrings if you wanted. From the Stark060 Design Facebook page, it looks like he's also developing a a new style of asymmetric-but-balanced equation-earrings, so hopefully we'll get more geeky-designs in the future!

If you want to learn more about quantum mechanics, Sean Carroll has a really good explanation on Preposterous Universe. For more science-inspired design, check out this dinosaur rolling pin or the New York City on a carpet.