ECO Showerdrop Guilts You Into Taking Shorter Showers

Illustration for article titled ECO Showerdrop Guilts You Into Taking Shorter Showers

In another attempt to shrink our global footprint, the ECO Showerdrop encourages you to quit your bad habit of taking girly showers (a.k.a. unnecessarily long showers). Unlike the Eco_Drop Shower, which made you physically uncomfortable until you removed yourself from the shower, the ECO Showerdrop will beep, time you, and measure your water usage—basically guilt you—until you finally switch off that water. However, this device only begins the guilting process after you've hit the time limit you've set for yourself, which could make the saving water aspect to this gadget pointless if you set the limit to, let's say, forever. [Nigel Eco Store via TreeHugger via Smart Planet]

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If it had emotion, it'd be a masochist's dream accessory.

"Please, stop wasting water....I beg of!"

"Bahahahahaha!" *turns water up*