Electric Bike Runs on Water and Magic Powder

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The Signa bike runs on fuel cells. But instead of making you carry hydrogen next to your butt, it uses a new, clever, safer method: It runs on cells full of a sand-like powder. You just have to add water.

The powder is sodium silicide, a safe substance that is not dangerous at all. When you add water to the cell, hydrogen gas is produced, which generates electricity. The cells weigh 1.5 pounds and they are hot-swappable. This means that you can easily plug in a new one after you reach its maximum 30-mile run.

According to the company, they are working in making these cells more powerful, so they could be integrated in cars. [Wired]

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Just buy a normal bike and save yourself the hassle of mucking about with 'energy sand'.

Besides this is a badly designed bike since it doesn't have fenders. So you don't only look like a dork in the USA because you need to wear a helmet, your clothes will be ruined too.

Also, other design faults that can be seen with a mere glance are:

-too wide steer so it's much wider than other bikes, which sucks when you want to park it

-too fat wheels look all tough but they have much higher drag.

If you don't want to put effort into going forward on two wheels, buy a moped.