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Like some odd-looking pentagonal-shaped polyhedron flying saucer from a 50s flick, here's a hemispherical loudspeaker that's made especially for musicians performing on stage. Electrolap makes this Hemisphere Point-Source Emanation Loudspeaker, a $599 enclosure that contains six Polk Audio db525 drivers and weighs 17 pounds. The enclosure, which is 21 inches in diameter at its base, was designed to mimic unamplified sound, which Elektrolap says radiates from its source in all directions. The problem with most speakers used for audio reinforcement is their sound emanates from just one location, resulting in just one sweet spot where they sound best. The company says this point-source emanation concept spreads that sweet spot everywhere, and is especially handy for helping amplified instruments blend in with those that are acoustic. Schweet.

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