Elon Musk Dressed for the Job He Wanted

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There’s a saying that the clothes make the man. In that sense, Elon Musk spent today’s Tesla shareholder meeting doubling down on being exactly who you think he is.


During the livestreamed meeting—which is set to address the electric car company’s ongoing production issues, falling stock, and dwindling coffers, as well as Musk’s own fitness to continue on as director—he strode out wearing a leather jacket and a Rick & Morty t-shirt, the exact design of which came from a now-shuttered Amazon store that was included in a September, 2017 affiliate link roundup on Heavy.com titled “Best Rick and Morty Merchandise: The Ultimate Guide.”

Here’s a slightly altered (red text instead of white) version that’s still available:

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The CEO who has been on a Twitter tirade against the media and recently insulted analysts during an earning call thought it might be time to just play it cool with a reference to a show whose fans are still remembered for their propensity to flip out over trivial shit in public so dramatically that that show’s co-creator publicly disowned them.

You know, show the people who invested their money in his car venture that he’s just a regular guy who loves to laugh. Nothing to worry about here, folks.

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Gilded Gerard

Great to see that that Gawker lives on in the blithely un-self-aware gossip pieces that pass for “tech related news” here. My favourite is when you run sanctimonious Earther pieces about global warming on the same page as your routine Tesla take-downs. Gotta shake the jar to get them clicks though, right? Truly pathetic, Bryan.