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Emmy Awards Officially Delayed: New Date Not Set

The TV Academy hopes for a November air date, but Fox is planning for January.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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In an exclusive report, Variety has learned that vendors for the 75th Primetime Emmys have been notified of a delay in the broadcast. It was originally scheduled for September 18, and the news of the pushback is no surprise, but with no timetable for when the AMPTP will return to the bargaining table with either the WGA or SAG-AFTRA, no alternative date has been suggested. Additionally, other productions have delayed releases in the last month or so.

Variety has previously reported that Fox has reserved space in January for the awards show, which would mean that the Emmys would air only a month before the Oscars and SAG awards. The TV Academy wants to air in November, but considering the AMPTP’s reluctance to budge on the reasonable demands from either guilds, that’s not looking likely. The Emmys have also announced that it will not shift its voting schedule, which occurs in August. This means that the talent usually on hand to promote their work via FYC campaigns and interviews will not be available.


Besides the fact that actors and writers won’t be around to pick up awards, writing monologues and jokes for the Emmys falls under WGA guildwork. Even if the AMPTP were to get a deal with SAG-AFTRA, the WGA is still essential to the awards show. And if any guild shows up to picket, I’m pretty sure most people won’t cross the line anyway.

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