Emotiv Headset Controls Rovio Robot Via Brainwaves

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You've seen Rovio hackery before, but not like this. Not with MIND CONTROL and Skype both involved. Emotiv Systems' headset is used to control the Rovio, with the signal being carried to the robot over Skype.


Wearing the Emotiv headset, facial gestures and brainwaves are recognized, and used to control the Rovio robot, which normally prowls around houses, streaming live video footage to a secure site for regular checking up on. First though, the signals are detected by the PC, which is loaded with Roboclient, which interprets the commands. Those commands are then sent to another computer, via Skype, and is then transferred to the Rovio using the Robodance 5 app. It's a convoluted process which is obviously quite expensive to set up, but if you get it going properly then you can even tell the Rovio to send video footage of its activities, plus audio clips and status updates. [ExtremeTech - Thanks, Robert!]



this is cool and all but, wouldn't it be easier to just use the keyboard?