Just in case you weren't sick enough of it, Newlaunches has a summary of the top competitors for Apple's iPhone, all of them previously featured in Gizmodo. They start at number 5 with the Meizu we-swear-we-really-didn't-clone-it! M8 PMP, the Windows Mobile 6.0 smartphone that really wants to be an iPhone when he grows up. Going up is the small Neonode N2 which, like the iPhone, lacks 3G connectivity, and the phone that could actually fly if fully open and thrown with enough brute force: the Nokia N95. At the top, the LG KE850 of Prada and Laura Ocaña fame and, finally, the Samsung Ultra Smart F700, the smartphone of choice for korean ninja cyborgs and people with skin allergy to screen-based keyboards. We will have to wait a few months to see which phone really grabs the cash of consumers, but looking at them now, would you sign up for the iPhone or any of these five?


Top 5 competitors to the iPhone [Newlaunches.com]

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