Energizer's New Inductive Charger Is the First To Use the Qi Standard

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Inductive chargers have been kicking around for a while now, but Energizer's new charging platter is the first to utilize Qi technology—the new universal standard for inductive charging. That's one small step closer to total freedom from cables.


Qi, which was recently approved as the inductive standard by the Wireless Power Consortium, will allow any Qi-equipped gadget that requires less than 5 Watts to power up on any Qi charging surface. Energizer's new charger is the first to support the new standard, but eventually the idea is that you'll be able to toss your phone or MP3 player on a charging station at your friends' house, even one made by a different manufacturer, and they'll just work, no fuss.

Energizer's charging station is launching with a Qi sleeve for the iPhone 3GS and a replacement Qi battery for the Blackberry Curve 8900, though before long, Energizer's hoping, manufacturers will start building Qi right into the gadgets themselves. Then we'll really be cooking with this whole wireless charging thing.

The Qi-ready Inductive Charger will be available in October for $89; the cases for the iPhone 3GS and Curve 8900 will run $34.99 each. [Energizer]



My Mophie battery case for my iPhone is no prettier or slimmer, but at least it has a micro USB so I can plug it in and continue to use it. Freeing myself from cables is pretty pointless if it just means that there's a softer connection between the phone and the cable that's still connected to the power source. I guess it's fine if you can put two phones on there to charge it, and while I like the concept in general, I just don't care for the fact that it seems that I'd have to remove the iPhone from the case every time I want to sync something to it (unless Apple were to actually throw us a bone and toss wifi synchronization in there).