Epic Batman Film Score Mashup Is The Perfect Weekend Soundtrack

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The supremely talented Piano Guys have combined the look, sound, and feel from three eras of Batman films to create "Batman Evolution," a rousing mashup of classical composition that unifies nearly half a century of musical and cinematic history.

"This is one of those projects we've wanted to do from the very beginning," write The Piano Guys. "We used piano, cello, handheld cameras, a radio controlled helicopter, and some scrappy special effect techniques in the most creative ways possible to emulate the three epic eras of one of the greatest super heroes ever created."


The composition is based on Neal Hefti's 1966 "Batman Theme"; Danny Elfman's 1989 "The Batman Theme"; and Hans Zimmer's 2008 "Like a Dog Chasing Cars." The music itself is great, but what really adds to it is the careful attention that was paid to the video's visual content. Here's what went into the Elfman sequence, for example:

Tim Burton's Batman movie (starring Michael Keaton) called for lots of brass sounds to pay tribute to Danny Elfman's soundtrack (accomplished via layered tracks of steel and carbon fiber cellos played with a special technique – at times using paper underneath the strings), frilly woodwind-like riffs on piano and march-like percussion. For this section of the video we used a 16:9 aspect ratio and a heavy film grain added in postproduction. We filmed in a 100 yr-old, dark, abandoned warehouse that actually houses several hundred bats! The piano used is a 9 ft. concert grand – one of the most sought-after concert hall performance pianos in the world and certainly big enough to make even Tim Burton happy. The "batcello" was hand built by Gail Flynn – complete with a bat bridge, a cityscape stained glass front, a Batman scroll and even hand carved bat-shaped pegs. It was an indescribable feeling playing Elfman's music on these instruments in front of a perfect replica of one of the most ominous automobiles ever built – the 1989 Batmobile!

Read more about the creation process here.

Complement with this low-bass version of the Game of Thrones theme.



Tom Robin

Of course, they forgot the best Batman movies.

"but Arkham City is a video game, not a movie!", that's the problem, it's a video game managing to be a better movie than every other live action Batman movies.