Cover of Game of Thrones Theme Music Puts The Show's Version To Shame

In this remarkable ensemble, 23 of New York's finest low brass musicians join forces to perform a bass-quaking cover of Game Of Thrones' rousing opening theme music. If you weren't already excited for tonight's season finale, this ought to do the trick. Seriously, give it a listen. This will give you chills.


The ensemble includes 11 bass trombones, 6 contrabass trombones, 6 tenor trombones, 6 tubas, and 3 cimbassos. According to tuba and cimbasso player Andrew Bove, the idea for the cover was born about a year ago, when a few New York City low brass players got to talking about how fun it would be to record an epic piece of music with an "extra low" brass section. The Game of Thrones theme, they decided, would be perfect. The biggest challenge, however, would be getting the necessary players together. "The idea," Bove writes, "almost never got off the ground." But then,

Two weeks ago, with the current Game of Thrones season coming to a close and the deadline approaching to release this track, they realized there was actually a 90 minute timeslot on a random Tuesday afternoon when 6 contrabass trombone players were all going to be free at once. It was time to do it. Once you get six contra players in one place, you either run away fast – or join in. Seventeen other top orchestral and commercial NYC low brass players joined them, bringing the ensemble to 23 players, and this is the result.

Said result is, if you own a subwoofer, quite literally, earthshaking. Really loving the incorporation of other instrumental themes from the show, most notably that of the White Walkers.

You'll want to listen to this one at as high a quality as you can (YouTube's audio quality corresponds to the resolution at which you watch the video.) Turn up the bass on your home speakers, or listen through a good pair of bass-friendly headphones.

And now for something completely different (and also excellent), The New Orleans Swamp Donkeys:



I prefer the Swamp Donkeys' version. I can just picture the characters swaggering down Bourbon St. to that song.