Etna and Stromboli are a pair of Italian volcanoes currently gurgling away with glowing red lava flows and fingers of smoke. Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alex Gerst cooperated for a bit of photography teamwork to capture both volcanoes in a pair of photographs spanning night and day.


Admittedly, the lineup isn't exactly perfect — the photos are at just lightly different scales so the boundary between sea and land jumps while flipping between photographs. Still, it's good enough to use the smoke in the daylight to identify where to squint for glowing lava in the nighttime photograph.

Plus, the astronauts were just coordinated in their jubilant tweets that I could almost hear the epic microgravity high-five when they celebrated their success.


In other eruption news, rumour is that a new unpronounceable volcano in Iceland, Bárðarbunga, is worth watching on the new webcam installed Sunday.

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