ESPN and NCAA Sports Hit Xbox Live Marketplace

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Microsoft and ESPN have struck a deal to sell NCAA basketball and football games, the X Games and shows like Madden Nation in the Live Marketplace. Standard-def NCAA games are $3; HD versions run $4.50, and they go live "within 48 hours" of the end of the game. ESPN content is $2 for standard def and $3 for HD. [Yahoo!/AP]

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A game for 3 to 5 bucks to watch? I rather they make an archive of all televised sporting events across the globe ranging from cricket to football (both kinds) and basketball and baseball included. It should be available from 480p to 1080p commercial free and each game, no matter what sport and no matter what resolution should cost at the most ONE FREAKING DOLLAR! Games from 1900-2000 should cost $0.25 cents per game $1.00 per season for a team, games from 2001-2006 should be $0.50 per game $2.00 per season and games from 2007 onwards should be $1.00 per game and $5.00 per season.