Your local law enforcement and rescue agencies should be the first people you turn to for help in an emergency situation. But coming in at a close second is Etón Corporation's new FRX5 S weather alert radio which has everything you need to stay informed, stay powered, and even stay entertained when you lose power and other amenities.

The FRX5 S is particularly well suited to situations where Mother Nature has either knocked out power in your area, or is threatening to do so with an approaching storm. Its AM, FM, and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) radio with a digital tuner can pull in local stations for life-saving information, or automatically broadcast emergency weather alerts as they're reported.


The FRX5 S is also equipped with S.A.M.E. (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology which is another emergency system that lets users input a unique code for their local area and get both visual warning messages—via a series of flashing colored lights—and audible alerts when severe weather is dangerously close.

And since any technology is all but worthless when there's no power, the FRX5 S features a rechargeable battery that can be replenished in five or six hours using a built-in solar panel that can be removed and repositioned for optimal light gathering. It's even got a hand-crank on the front that will keep the radio running for about 15 to 20 minutes with one minute of cranking, and with a 2.1-amp USB port, you can even keep your smartphone or tablet charged with enough muscle power.

If that's not enough, the $130 FRX5 S—available mid-2014—is built like a tank, designed to survive rain, water, and dust, and will keep on shining through the dark of night with an adjustable ambient light on top, and a more focused flashlight on the side. In fact, it should provide so much comfort that it even features an alarm clock should you manage to doze off and need to be woken at some point. [Etón Corporation]


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