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We're looking at our Linksys Wi-Fi router with disdain now that we've discovered how weak it is compared to this Etri Wi-Fi mofo. Besides the Etri router's awesome 240Mbps speed, it has a range far beyond ordinary Wi-Fi, cranking out signals at a claimed range of 100m to 1km. Sheesh. Our Linksys can barely get from one side of the house to the other.

Etri hops up that speed by using a combination of the 802.11n (so far, that's draft-N), and the MIMO spec that uses multiple signals to increase bandwidth. Plus, its security protocols have been beefed up to keep those curb-dwelling bandwidth suckers off your ass. It's only been demonstrated in Korea so far, but this monster will give you a preview of the Wi-Fi tech that will be commonplace in a year or two.


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