Eureka's New Vac Automatically Cleans Disgusting Hair From Its Brushroll

Better suction, battery power, and HEPA filters are all great features to look for in a vacuum. But who cares about any of those now that Eureka has created an upright vacuum that can automatically clean hairs and threads tangled around its spinning brush roll? Never having to reach in there with scissors is a fantastic innovation.


As anyone who hasn’t cleaned their vacuum in months knows, all that crap that gets tangled around the brushroll can hinder its ability to properly agitate carpets to release dirt, or direct debris up inside it. Simply ignoring it is the lesser of two evils compared to cleaning a brushroll by hand, but the new Eureka Brushroll Clean promises to do that nasty work for you.

Details on how the self-cleaning mechanism actually works are a little vague, but from the looks of it stepping on a lever at the base of the vacuum engages a cutting or scraping tool that helps to dislodge and suck up hair and other dirt wrapped around the brushroll as it spins. And to ensure it’s completely clean, there’s a see-through window on top of the vacuum’s brushroll so you can inspect it without having to turn the unit upside-down.

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For $200 the Brushroll Clean vacuum also includes a self-retracting 27-foot cord, and a design that minimizes the twists and bends the moving air has to navigate which serves to maximize the amount of suction generated by the unit’s 12-amp motor. But let’s not forget what’s important here. That self-cleaning brushroll could be the greatest innovation in cleaning since the housekeeper was invented. [Eureka]


Someone please tell me why hair is beautiful on a person but “disgusting” on a roller.