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Evan Peters Joins Jared Leto in Disney's Tron 3

The X-Men and American Horror Story star signs on to join the continuation of the sci-fi franchise.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The long-in-development third installment of the Tron franchise is set to shoot this August—if the SAG strike doesn’t happen—and it’s just added a new star to its cast.

Evan Peters (whose credits include Quicksilver in the X-Men films, multiple seasons of American Horror Story, and Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story) will appear opposite the previously cast Jared Leto in Tron: Ares. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed Peters’ participation in the third Tron film, to be directed by Joachim Rønning (Maleficent: Mistress of Evil) with a plan to shoot later this summer. Tron: Ares is based on a script by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, and is described by THR as focusing “on the emergence of a sentient program that crosses over into the human world that is not ready for contact,” making this film the first to bring the world of Tron’s Grid to the real life.


Original plans for the third film were to bring back cast members from 2010's Tron: Legacy, which ended with Olivia Wilde’s Quorra entering the real world with Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund), the son of Jeff Bridges’ character Kevin Flynn in 1982's Tron. Ares seems to be departing from that concept, and it’ll also have to break new ground in other ways, since Daft Punk—whose immaculate score for Legacy was arguably its most memorable element—is no longer together. While we wait (and wait) to hear more about Tron: Ares, Walt Disney World’s new Tron: Lightcycle Run is recommended for anyone seeking Tron vibes ASAP.

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