Diving deeper into how Tron’s visions of the future hold today in the age of expanding digital landscapes in VR and immersive environments, Boxleitner agreed that the film got it more right in some ways than many other fictional sci-fi words. “I think in its own sweet and sort of naive way, it actually predicts, and it’s one of the few science fiction movies that we’re actually living.” he explained. “It’s not some distant star. It’s not a dystopian burnout world and things like what science fiction so often goes to. It’s actually predicted a lot. Remember at the very end where you look at the program and all the circuitry was starting to light up. It’s the Internet. It’s for everyone. Now we are all carrying these [smartphones]. It kind of predicted that in a fun sort of Alice in Wonderland type of story.”

Tron and Yori then and now, Bruce Boxleitner and Cindy Morgan
Image: Walt Disney Pictures/Disney Parks

Even down to the Tron ride’s gift shop’s futuristic toys, Morgan beamed at her little Yori merch. “I’ve got an action figure all in a package, that looks like me in that costume all those years ago,” she exclaimed when seeing it for the first time. “I did it,” she said proudly of the immortalization through Lori’s action figure. “I wasn’t very athletic. All of a sudden, you get up and you do it. As a little girl growing up you got to know it can be done.”

With the ever-in-development potential for more Tron sequels in the works, we asked Boxleitner what he hoped the franchise’s future would keep true to, and for the actor, it comes down to the hopeful nature of innovations. “I think [the films] always have a sense of a wonderment with the technology,” he said. ‘How far we can go with all this?’ And let’s hope for a good thing—for humanity. All this technology we have I’ve always said just because we have it doesn’t always make it right to use it, which some people have abused. The movies show that there’s always hope, [they’re] always reaching for a brighter future. And certainly Flynn was doing that. He has such great hopes. No more disease. No more of these things that plague.”


He added: “We could all use a Tron. Tron was always there to fight for the users.” The Tron Lightcycle Run opens at Walt Disney World on April 4!

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