Evangelion iPhone Clock App Is Neat if You Like Evangelion

The Evangelion Clock App hit the App Store today, and it's a pretty damn good clock app (as far as clock apps go) if you've ever seen Evangelion before.

The app, which goes along with the new Evangelion movies, looks like the power countdown whenever one of the Eva robots goes on battery mode. Normally it displays the current time (military time, naturally), but you can also set it to count down anywhere from 30 to 1 minute.


Once the counter hits the minute mark it goes into "racing" mode, which then turns into super crazy red light mode when you get under 10 seconds. After that, you get killed by angels. The only downside is that the time is always displayed at a weird angle so you can only effectively read the time when your phone is in landscape mode. It also costs $3!

There's also a stamp app that's not quite as cool. All it does is give you a bunch of EVA things you can place over your own photos. Here's me with a Rei haircut generating an AT-field and telekinetically holding a knife. Oh and check out that huge necklace.

[Clock App and Stamp App]


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