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Even Actors Don't Know How David Tennant Leaves Who

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

How secretive were the BBC over filming of David Tennant's final Doctor Who episodes? Apparently enough to keep actors from seeing the full script — but if you ask them, that was perfectly okay with them...

Digital Spy talked to actor David Harewood, who plays a new character called Joshua Naismith in the final episode, and asked about the atmosphere on set for the end of the Tennant era:

I'd say it was very charged - people were in tears. It was the end of a very successful partnership. It was obviously David's last outing, and it was also Russell's last outing and Julie Gardner's last outing. So everyone was saying goodbye to what had been a very successful partnership... we only got four pages [of script], so most of us didn't get to see [Tennant's final scene]. I think we'll all be checking in on Christmas Day!


When asked if actors tried to find out what they were missing, Harewood answered,

Not really, because we all understand what it is and everyone was playing their part and they're keen to keep it under wraps!


The final episodes of David Tennant's Doctor Who air in the UK at the end of the year.

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