Even the Supergirl TV Show Is Throwing Shade at Man of Steel

This was shown in Morning Spoilers earlier today, but I think the fact that the Supergirl TV series has made a supercut of all the people Kara has saved over the course of the show’s eight episodes, because I don’t know what purpose it serves ther than as a reminder of all the people her cousin Kal-El failed to save in Man of Steel.


If this supercut had been anything close to accurate, that would have been one thing, but the math is rather fuzzy, to say the least. A lot of time the people counted here as being “saved” are only vaguely in danger, and from supervillains who weren’t even paying attention to them at that. Or maybe Supergirl get a few thousand “bonus saves” merely for defeating a villain.

Still, hypothetical or not, that’s a lot more lives saved that Superman managed in Man of Steel. Mainly because a positive number is inherent bigger than a negative number.

[Via Bleeding Cool]

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Spied my daughter repeating the opening voice over Kara does that leads to her saying “I am SUPERgirl”.. She’s 10. So, yeah, this show works for me on many levels.