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Everex gPC Reviewed...Again (Verdict: Horrible)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Thought that the $200 Everex gPC was too good (and cheap) to be true? Did an earlier, positive review from Wired only serve to pique your interest? Unfortunately, a recent review by PC Magazine may bring many Wal-Mart shoppers crashing to the earth. According to their review, the gPC is" one of those PCs you buy as a gift for the holidays and return to the store in January." So what went wrong?


The answer: just about everything. PC Mag was miffed at the resolution configuration settings, the legal tie-ups involved with calling it a "Google PC," an app launcher they described as "a cheap copy" of Mac OSX, as well as some frustrating web-surfing issues that may not be grasped by a novice user.

Still, this review is probably a little harsh and should be taken with a grain of salt. After all, "legal wrangling" is not a concern of the average user, and for $200 one should expect a few shortcomings here and there. They do concede that it is a fairly "green PC" with regard to power consumption, and it is powerful enough to run Ubuntu Linux, just don't expect it to be fast. In all likelihood, the true verdict on the gPC lies somewhere in-between the two reviews. [PC Mag]