Every Amusement Park Should Have 100 MPH Bumper Cars

As far as amusement park rides go, bumper cars rank somewhere between Ferris Wheels and benches when it comes to thrills. They don’t drive anywhere near fast enough to do any real damage. Unless you swap out their electric motor for a gas-powered engine from a motorcycle, that is.

Colin Furze, internet famous for trying everything you probably shouldn’t try at home, upgraded a ‘60s-era bumper car with a 600CC, 100 brake horsepower engine that propels it to speeds well over 100 miles per hour. Not wearing a helmet and safety gear during its test run probably wasn’t the best idea, but actually crashing this thing into another bumper car would be even worse. Breaking your neck would be the least of your worries, and you can forget about getting cotton candy afterwards.


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Am I the only one noticing his lack of safety items?

No helmet, no leathers, no roll bar...

He must really trust his engineering, crafting, welding, and driving skills.