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Every Keyboard Shortcut You Need for Getting Around the Web

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There’s a lot of stuff out there on the web, and you want to be able to get around all of it fast. You can of course make use of your mouse but there are always times when a keyboard combo is more efficient and more convenient. The ones we’ve listed here have all been tested with Google Chrome, but many will work with other browsers too.

  • Space - leave the scroll bar alone and advance your way through pages with a few taps of the Space bar. Use Shift+Space to go back up.
  • Tab - will skip through all of the hyperlinks on a page, which can come in handy. Use Shift+Tab to go back and Enter to follow a link.
  • Alt+left cursor key (or Cmd+left cursor key) - go back a page in your browsing history. Use Alt+right or Cmd+right to go in the other direction.
  • F5 - refreshes the current page. If you want to stop a page loading, use Esc; Ctrl+F5 reloads everything from scratch, including cached elements.
  • Alt+Home (or Cmd+Shift+H) - load your currently designating home page in the current tab, replacing what’s already there.
  • Home (or Fn+left cursor key) - jump right to the top of a web page. Use End (or Fn+right) to go straight to the bottom.
  • Ctrl+Plus (or Cmd+Plus) - zoom in, making text bigger. Hold Ctrl or Cmd then tap Minus to zoom out or 0 to go back to the default zoom level.
  • Ctrl+L (or Cmd+L) - puts the cursor focus on the browser’s address bar rather than the current website to enter a new URL or search.
  • Ctrl+T (or Cmd+T) - open a new tab and jump to it, ready to continue on your browsing odyssey. Use Ctrl+N (Cmd+N) for a new window.
  • Ctrl+Tab (or Cmd+Option+right cursor key) - cycle through your open tabs (add Shift or use Cmd+Option+left to reverse the direction).
  • Ctrl+1-8 (or Cmd+1-8) - jump straight to a specific open tab, numbered from left to right. Ctrl+9 or Cmd+9 always goes to the rightmost tab.
  • Ctrl+W (or Cmd+W) - close the current tab in your browser. To close all open tabs and the browser itself use Shift+Ctrl+W or Shift+Cmd+W.
  • Ctrl+Shift+T (or Cmd+Shift+T) - bring back the tab you closed most recently (maybe with the aforementioned Ctrl+W shortcut).
  • Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click) - opens a link in a new tab in the background (strictly speaking a mouse+keyboard shortcut but we’ll allow it).

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Urk, when did back page turn into alt + left arrow key? It’s always been backspace for a while. Is it because of the chance a cursor may be on a form?