Every Wave's a Towering Wall of Water For This Foot-Tall RC Surfer

If the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week has left you terrified of the ocean, here’s a much safer way to try your hand at surfing.


Just let Kyosho’s foot-tall RC surfer be your proxy, risking life and limb amongst the sharks while you’re safely lounging on the beach controlling it with a wireless remote in one hand and a drink in the other.

Powered by an electric motor and a small propeller hidden beneath the board, this tiny surfer can hit speeds upwards of 10 miles per hour even without a wave pushing it along. But with a rushing wall of water behind it, Mother Nature decides its top cruising speed. Whoever’s holding the wireless remote always remains in control of the surfer, however, no matter how fast it’s going, thanks to a servo-steered pair of rudders on the bottom.

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Can you really call yourself an extreme athlete when you’re letting a foot-tall plastic surfer take all the risks for you? Probably not. But for around $230 you’re guaranteeing you won’t end up in a body cast after a weekend on the water—or worse.

[Kyosho via Fancy]

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