Every Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut You'll Ever Need

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Whether by force of tradition or out of respect for the keyboard-clinging power users out there, Windows 7 has more—and more useful—keyboard shortcuts than ever before. Like, enough that a definitive guide would be very, very useful. Oh!


Lifehacker, doing what they do best, has put together an incredibly helpful list of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts, as well as a few new mouse tricks for good measure. Discovering a single new keyboard shortcut is enough to make a desk drone's day—I rank the time I happened across the Windows+M shortcut as one of the best moments of Junior high, right above not getting acne scars and right below that one time I touched a boob with my elbow—but this list, which is full of stuff like that, including fresh Windows 7 goodies, is a revelation. My favorite?

[O]ne of the best new hotkeys in Windows 7 is the fact that you can create a new folder with a hotkey. Just open up any Windows Explorer window, hit the Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut key sequence, and you'll be rewarded with a shiny "New Folder" ready for you to rename.

Oh, yes. [Lifehacker]



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