Everybody's Choking on iPhone 4S Activations (As Usual)

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Gag on my iPhone activation once, shame on you. Gag on it five years in a row and, uhh, shame on everyone? Cult of Mac, CNET, and multitudes of users on Twitter are reporting that, AT&T's network is having problems dealing with the iPhone activations today.

The damning bit is that there don't seem to be many Verizon or Sprint customers suffering from this issue. Sprint had some activation hangups this morning, but the majority that are being reported now owe more to its poor or non-existant activation instructions than server issues. There was also a report or two of Verizon servers going down, but on average, AT&T customers seem to be having a much worse go of it. Of course, AT&T's the only carrier who's gone through the ringer of an actual iPhone launch, so comparative track record isn't totally fair. And they appear to have a higher number of iPhone 4S units being activated, based on our poll and logically, with return iPhone buyers keeping their old plans. But still, it would be a pretty bad look if they were the only ones with widespread activation problems today, with Verizon and Sprint both out there hocking iPhones.

What about you guys: what are you seeing out there on your activations, and on which carriers? [Cult of Mac, CNET]

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I have had one go through, and another fail. It may be att's fault, but I'm happy to blame apple to. It's their fault if their partners suck. However, if they had as strict of guidelines for their carriers as they do for everything else that's part of their product (aesthetics, hardware, software), I'm not sure any of the networks would be allowed to have it. Still pisses me off, and because I've had problems with my iphone before, this just makes me mad at the product.

Also, why is kyle promoting everyone who has a complaint?