Everything Is Cancelled: There's a GIF FEST in Miami

Burn your calendar, throw your planner out the window. There's a GIF fest in Miami on Friday, and nothing else matters.


What, pray tell, is a GIF fest? It's an open call for original GIF art, a.k.a., you guys—every GIF party you're ever a part of has been elevated to a new height. Sponsored by Tumblr and a fine art auction site called Paddle8, the festival even has a Council (fancy word for judges), which means it is serious. They're no longer accepting submissions, but there's an exhibition on Friday called Moving the Still that showcases the top GIFs. In the meantime, you can explore the entries here. And get thee to Miami—Florida has officially redeemed itself. [Moving the Still]


Too bad all the selected entries are complete shit, pretentious and just fucking dumb, "artists" trying to piggy back on a popular wave. Florida is NOT redeemed. This is shit.

p.s. This is the GIF I would use all over the faces of the clown members of the "Special Council"