Everything Looks Miserable for the Starks in the New Game of Thrones Trailer

I mean, everything looks miserable for everyone—this is, after all, Game of Thrones. But the Stark kids get the misery focus in this awesome new teaser for Game of Thrones’ sixth season.


Yes, there are more trials and tribulations for the entirety of Westeros here. We get to see Cersei plotting revenge with Tommen, Daenerys captured by Dothraki, and the Night King and his White Walkers in action. Oh, and Tyrion comes face to face with Daenerys’ dragons quite literally! Check it out:

But the focus is mostly on what’s up with the three remaining Stark children (well, two and a bit). Jon Snow is busy being a corpse as per usual—and there seems to be a battle brewing over his body. Arya gets a second chance at the House of Black and White, and fights the mysteroius waif, and even Sansa is getting in on the plotting revenge game. Fun times ahead!

Game of Thrones returns April 24th.

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