Everything We Learned About Myka on Last Night's Warehouse 13

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Warehouse 13 has given us a lot of backstory on Pete lately, including his father's death and his ex-wife. But his partner, Myka, has been sort of left a bit sketchy, other than getting over her feelings about misjudging H.G. Wells.


Luckily, last night's episode was a pretty great primer on all things Myka. Here's what we learned about her:

  • Despite what Pete said in the pilot, it doesn't sound like Myka saved too many lives in the "Denver incident." Instead, she just failed to catch Leo the killer counterfeiter.
  • Myka used to be a lot more impulsive than the by-the-book rule stickler we met in the show's pilot. In fact, her old partner (and lover) Sam was the cautious, anal-retentive one who always had to have ten backup plans.
  • She was even willing to ditch work for another semi-illicit hookup with Sam, who had to be the one to insist on punctiliousness.
  • Myka's feelings of inadequacy, which came out most recently in the aftermath of the H.G. Wells business, started with her inability to catch Leo, and she spent ages chasing him before being transferred first to Washington D.C. and then to the Warehouse.
  • Myka's friendship with Pete seems like it's stronger and more intense than her relationship with Sam, even though she and Sam were shacking up. You can really see in this episode how well Pete and Myka know each other — he figures out stuff before she does, because she's not thinking clearly, and then helps her to think analytically, as she usually does. The scene where Pete tries to act like Myka because she's being like him is really nice.
  • Myka has a bit of a blind spot in situations where her partner is at risk — although there's a bit of irony in the fact that Pete almost dies at the start of the episode because she's chasing Leo. It's only later in the episode, when she sees a danger that Pete might die the same way Sam did, that she starts freaking out and getting protective. (And luckily, she actually does save Pete from the same fate that befell Sam.)
  • Closing the case and avenging Sam's death doesn't make Myka feel any better — if anything, she still seems really bleak and upset. Although meeting Sam's ex-wife and seeing a look of approval from her former colleague, Gunn from Angel (yay!), do seem to help. Now Myka will have to find some whole new reason to be hard on herself.



Is something up with the gloves? I don't think it was a fluke that both pairs of gloves failed for the first time(?) in this ep.