It's been a long and tumultuous week. The revelation that the NSA is and has been spying on everyone and anyone through one of the must insane, high-tech espionage systems of all time has been one hell a ride, but we've also got some WWDC rumors, an amazing Photoshop prank, how the government shut down the house of tomorrow, a bunch of terrifying 3d-printer fails and more. Check it out all that and more!

How to Hide Your House Keys in Plain Sight

Your welcome mat is not a secure key hiding place, neither is the frame over your door or the suspicious foam-rubber "rock" lurking suspiciously next to your stoop. You might as well leave your doors unlocked. Instead hide your spare where nobody will ever think to look—right out in the open.


What the New WWDC App Tells Us About iOS 7

Apple's new WWDC app, meant to guide developers through next week's mega-conference, is up in the App Store today. If you look closely, you can see bits of iOS 7 in it. While it's exceedingly easy to overvalue just how much this app means—Apple surely doesn't want to tip its hand before the event—there are still some obvious visual clues as to what awaits us in iOS as a whole. Let's take a look.


11 Spectacular 3D Printer Failures

Just because you have a 3D printer doesn't mean you're going to make anything remarkable. It doesn't even mean you're going to wind up with what you set out to produce. Believe it or not, 3D printing requires some skill. And when you don't have it, things go delightfully askew.


Are Smart Locks Secure, or Just Dumb?

Keys have been around for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. We've all used them. We generally understand how they work and how vulnerable they can be. Some are better than others. And now that the simplest of devices in the home are connecting to the cloud, it's time to figure out just how safe or smart these new-fangled smart locks really are.


How the U.S. Government Waged War Against the House of Tomorrow

Americans were promised one thing during World War II: life was going to be amazing in the "world of tomorrow." But when the war ended many companies, along with the U.S. government, turned back on that promise as quickly as they could.


Three Fast, Easy, High-Protein Meals On the Go

The number one reason most of us grab an unhealthy meal over a healthy one is convenience. Junk food is ready to be stuffed in your face, and when you're short on time, cooking is one of the first things to go out the window. Today we're going to show you three super simple, healthy, protein-packed meals you can make in a flash.


How Americans Speak Differently in Various Regions, Visualized

Depending on where you're from and where you've lived in the United States, you probably say things a little differently than people from other parts of the country. You've experienced this, but you've never seen how the regional dialects of the United States break down quite so cleanly.


Anonymous Just Leaked a Trove of NSA Documents

In the wake of last night’s revelation that everyone in the world has a creepy NSA-shaped stalker, defenders of online liberty and generally angry internet people Anonymous have leaked a treasure trove of NSA documents, including seriously important stuff like the US Department of Defense’s ‘Strategic Vision’ for controlling the internet.


What Is PRISM?

The Government Responds to the PRISM Spying Program

Last night, the Washington Post and Guardian dropped concurrent bombshell reports. Their subject was PRISM, a covert collaboration between the NSA, FBI, and nearly every tech company you rely on daily. PRISM has allowed the government unprecedented access to your personal information for at least the last six years. But what is it, exactly?


Prankster Photoshops People Into Ads While They Wait for the Bus

Wouldn't you be shocked if you were waiting for the bus, and you saw yourself magically appear in that Gap ad at your stop? Yup. And so were the victims of this delightful Photoshop prank by artist Erik Johansson and Adobe.