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Ex-CEO of Intel Invests $1.5m Into Medical Research

Illustration for article titled Ex-CEO of Intel Invests $1.5m Into Medical Research

Being a Parkinson's disease sufferer, and previously having prostate cancer, Andrew Grove knows all to well the ins and outs of hospital life. That's partly why the ex-CEO and chairman of Intel has pumped money into "translational medicine" research.


The University of California campuses at Berkeley and San Francisco will be able to use Grove's generous investment to kick-start a new master's degree program, fusing engineering and medical research together in the aim of discovering drugs—and with any luck, cures—for aiding patients' health. [NY Times]

Image Credit: Heinz Awards

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Ok - that is nice that he did that.. but seriously, in 1998 alone he made over $52 million...


He's worth several hundred million dollars, so that was nice of him to donate less than %1 of his salary... especially when a lot of us who make a LOT less donate a lot higher percentage.

But, hopefully, his generosity will pay off and some diseases will be cured! :)