Excercise Across the Web with the Ergo Bike Premium 8i

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Daum Electronics has released the Ergo Bike Premium 8i, an exercise bike that attempts to replicate the feel of a real bike. However, the real magic happens once you take it online. Not only can you compete on virtual versions of famous courses, such as the biking portion of Hawaii's Ironman Triathlon, but you get to compete against others as well. You'll receive detailed information on everyone's heart and breath rates, and this will allow you to get a real feel for your competition.


However, I will warn you to be careful with bikes like these. Back at CES '07, I tried out a similar bike (not the 8i). And while it was 99.5% realistic, that fraction of a percent caused me to peddle much harder than necessary, and left me just short of an asthma attack. Long story short; unless you're a pro just go get a real bike, a real friend and go outside. [CNET]



I'm a recreational cyclist and spend a couple days a week out on the road doing "the real thing", but I'm still totally excited about these new VR enhanced excerise bikes. There are times when getting out on the road is just not practical/convenient/enjoyable, when the weather's bad, when you don't have a ton of time, etc. Also, it's fun to be able to compete against people through a semi-anonymous interface. When you go out and ride with your friends you usually ride at the slower guys pace because that's the nice thing to do. But when you're competing with people online you're not waiting on anybody, so going faster and beating more people feels good. Whereas leaving a friend in the dust in real life tends to leave you feeling like a jerk.