Exclusive look inside Back To The Future 2's futuristic world

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Five years from now, on Oct. 21st 2015, Marty, Doc and Jennifer return to Hill Valley in Back To The Future II. Watch our exclusive behind-the-scenes look inside the McFly kitchen and check out some see never-before-seen futuristic concept art.

Here's a closer look at some of those appliances, all which had to be glued in place so director Robert Zemeckis could shoot multiple characters played by the same actor. It's amazing how far we've come with things like motion control, but these techniques were just getting their start back then.

This clip is part of the many features from the Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Trilogy DVD and Blu-Ray box set. Which will be on shelves October 26, 2010.


Here's another feature clip which shows some BTTF2 concept art that didn't make the cut — like an aqua van!