Exclusive Microsoft Zune Picture - Zune In The Wild!

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Thanks to our awesome tipsters, we scored this exclusive picture of the Microsoft Zune. Yes, it looks almost exactly like the images we've shown you before on Gizmodo. The player also comes with a pair of magnetic headphones, which as you can see from the picture, stick to each other so they're easier to manage.


The reason the shot is in black and white is because Microsoft assigned a unique color scheme to every Zune prototype in existence right now—all 150 of them—so any leaks could be traced to the employee who leaked it. We don't want to be jerks and get anybody fired.

Also, check in later today for some "handy-er" info about the Zune. You won't want to miss it.

Update: Check out our exclusive Microsoft Zune details. We talk about how the scroll wheel isn't actually a scroll wheel, and more details about how the UI is going to look. You'll have to click to find out more.

Thanks to all our tipsters!



If the battery is easily replacable, then they already have a feature that iPod has been desperately needing since day one.

The key is that the iPod has the coolness factor, and that is why everyone wants it. (Don't kid yourself, folks - it is not the feature set that is selling millions of white and black boxes.) How Microsoft will make their product 'cool' is the big question, because if they fail that test, then it will be just another pothole Apple will cruise right on over.