"Expelled" Conspiracy?

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Much has been written in advance of the April 18th release of Expelled. Some might say too much. Even Fox News panned the film, which claims that an Athiest/Darwinist conspiracy has hijacked academia and is kicking out anyone that finds scientific evidence supporting Intelligent Design. The commentary's been highly predictable, though — a little too predictable. Is there another conspiracy at work here, one that no one saw coming?


Think about it. In their reviews, athiests, scientists, and the scientifically inclined universally hate the movie. They've lashed out early and often. But they're just adding fuel to the fire. If the producers want anything it's publicity, and they've gotten it. Everyone's paying attention to the movie, but between the PZ Myers gaffe and now a lawsuit, the film seems destined to fail. And that failure seems just a little too easy, a little too convenient.

Who really made this film, and what is its true agenda?

Tonight we're going to see the film and get to the bottom of this. Watch this space tomorrow for the tell-all review.


Annalee Newitz

@braak: So true.