Exploded iPhone Shirt: Most Heinous Way to Say "I <3 Apple"

Illustration for article titled Exploded iPhone Shirt: Most Heinous Way to Say I lt;3 Apple

Of all Apple fan tributes, this may be the least Apple-spirited. I can imagine Jon Ive throwing up after seeing the image, which lacks the very simplicity and smoothness that makes fanboys all woozy.

The blow-up features the first-gen iPhone, so it's probably, at this point, a bit too late for impact anyhow. I do admire the motivation of this Cafe Press client—the technical depiction is charmingly detailed—but at any kind of distance, this thing just looks like it celebrates a love of IBM circa 1979. You want to see Apple products exploded fashionably? Look no further than this little baby. [Exploded iPhone T-Shirt]

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I finally caved in and purchased an iPhone on New Years day... I have to admit I really like it compared to my Mogul, but the excessive idolization of the thing makes me want to return it.