Explore the Creation of Jim Starlin's Marvel Characters, With Jim Starlin

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Thanos, the Mad Titan.
Thanos, the Mad Titan.
Image: Marvel Studios

Jim Starlin’s creations have become a major lynchpin of the Marvel Universe in its modern iteration, with characters like Gamora, Drax, and Thanos dominating films, becoming memes, and generally entering broader pop culture in a way that would have been difficult to imagine only a decade ago.

In a great interview and montage created by Fandom, Starlin talks through his history at Marvel and the development of the characters he made, particularly Thanos, from his early start soaking up films and comics to shape his own work to the modern age of Josh Brolin’s operatic, CGI Thanos hoping to bring the universe back into some fleeting semblance of balance.

Starlin seems authentically proud and happy to have this body of work and to have it be so popular, and he’s an amazing guide through his own creative history. If only he got a bit more in terms of royalties for some of those creations appearing in films that earn impossible sums of money, but, alas.


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