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F-15 Eagle Literally Breaking Apart

As part of the ongoing investigation on the accident that has nearly one third of the US F-15 Eagle fleet grounded, Boeing Phantom Works has released this simulation reconstructing the "structural failure of a US Air National Guard F-15C, caused by fatigue cracking of a forward fuselage longeron, slowed down to one-fifth the actual speed of the event!" In other words: "ZOMG! The cockpit broke apart!" Fortunately, the pilot survived the extremely violent accident, which is amazing although not as incredible as the Israeli pilot who managed to land his Eagle after a crash ripped off an entire wing:

Looking at this video it seems that the F-15s are quite formidable machines, even while the USAF investigation is pointing at Boeing's responsibility for a "faulty manufacturing process" that led to the failure of the long structural beams (longerons) that keep the fuselage together.

"The accident investigation board president (Wignall) found, by clear and convincing evidence, the cause of this accident was a failure of the upper right longeron, a critical support structure in the F-15C aircraft," the report says.

About 20 minutes after takeoff from an airfield near St. Louis on Nov. 2, the forward fuselage of Maj. Stephen Stilwell's $42 million F-15C Eagle shook violently and then broke apart 18,000 feet above the ground. Stilwell, his left shoulder dislocated and his left arm shattered, barely had time to safely eject as pieces of his aircraft tumbled from the sky over the Missouri countryside.

More troubling, however, are the results of a parallel examination finding as many as 163 of the workhorse aircraft also have flawed support beams, or longerons. The aircraft remain grounded as the Air Force continues to search for how serious the problem is and whether extensive, costly repairs are needed. Another 19 of the aircraft have yet to be inspected and also remain grounded.

Nearly 260 of the A through D model F-15s, first fielded in the mid-1970s, were returned to flight status Tuesday following fleet-wide inspections.


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Everybody: Noobs-R-Us is Chinese, probably in his thirties or forties who was educated in China and then in the United States. Read some of his other posts on Gizmodo and you will see that he is rather anti-American in many ways. Leave this guy alone and he will eventually go away.

Noobs-R-Us: YOU are the one who should study history. 1. China has more like 58 years of history from a PRC standpoint and 4002 years of history from a Dynasty standpoint. 5000 is a number used in the song DongFangZhiZhu by Luo DaYou, probably not a good place to learn about history.

2. It is hilarious to read your posts and see how clearly you have been brainwashed by the PRC educational system. For you to say Americans are brainwashed is laughable.

3. You refer to Americans as 'they' and to Chinese as 'they'. You host a rather racist image as your pic on Gizmodo which reflects an absolute complete lack of understanding of the sensitivities of the society you live in today. You are not American, and yet you refer to Chinese as 'they'? So WTF are YOU?

4. China was not gang raped by anybody. China's misfortune during the 1800s was a direct result of its own isolationist policies. The west did not set out to force Opium on the Chinese. Western countries wanted free trade with China because they wanted to buy silk and tea from China. There was a substantial market for western products in China. The Qing regime refused to allow import of foreign products and would only accept silver for Chinese exports. Qing security forces would confiscate any foreign products for sale in Chinese stores. There was no way that western countries could sustain a constant flow of silver to China and yet there was a strong demand for Chinese goods in the west. The end result was ingenuity by Chinese and westerners both to find something that could be sold in China and yet could not be traced back to the west: Opium. And contrary to today's negative image of Opium, in the early 1800s it was not illegal in any western countries.

5. The US NEVER fought against the Chinese during ANY of the Opium wars and actually supplied arms to the Qing government. Where did you learn your history?

6. The Boxer Rebellion was an uprising supported by the Qing Dynasty which killed thousands of innocent missionaries and Chinese Christians in Shandong and threatened the safety and sovereignty of foreign embassies in Beijing. The US did supply troops to this mission to protect the lives of foreign diplomats in Beijing. ALL reparations that the USA received from the Qing Dynasty went to improving the infrastructure in China and Tsinghua University was built using some of those funds. US forces did NOT participate in the sacking of YueMingYuan: that was an effort headed by the German army who arrived days after Beijing had already been made safe and were looking for a fight. They burned YueMingYuan and many of the treasures there so that the Chinese "would never forget the Germans" and yet it seems that you already have.

7. You conveniently elect to avoid the question of Tibet, a territory for which China can really lay little claim. The logic that China uses to claim Tibet could equally justify Mongolia occupying the entirety of China because historically Mongolians controlled China for hundreds of years. In fact, the city of Beijing was founded by Mongolians, not by Chinese.

8. Taiwan is a NOT part of China nor is it an independent country. The requirements for country to exist under the UN Charter are a. land, b. population, c. army, d. government and e. hold itself out as a country. Taiwan meets ALL of these requirements except the last. The only problem is that Taiwan STILL lays claim to all the territory of mainland China, so there are two competing governments laying claim to the same territory (actually, Taiwan also claims Mongolia as part of the Republic of China). China has diplomatically checkmated Taiwan by requiring all countries to only recognize one legitimate government of China, so Taiwan is a country without representation in the UN and without status as a country. THAT DOES NOT MAKE TAIWAN PART OF CHINA. China has ZERO government or military influence over Taiwan. Today probably the ONLY reason Taiwan is NOT an independent country is because the US has put incredible pressure on Taiwan's President Chen not to declare independence. Whether Taiwan will one day gain independence or eventually become part of China remains to be seen, but it is arrogant attitudes from little Chinese punks like you who have never been to Taiwan who make either one of those outcomes more dangerous.

9. It is laughable for you to say you hate hypochracy. You are the one who in your posts has claimed to be American and yet refuse to admit that you were born and initially educated in China. THAT is hypocritical.

10. The BIGGEST reason that China adopts the doctrine that countries should govern themselves is because China always wants to reserve the right to take Taiwan back by force, and so China must pretend that Taiwan is part of China so they can be justified in using military action on Taiwan. Chinese leaders continue the propaganda about right of self government and sovereignty over Taiwan to keep the military leaders within the Chinese government happy. In truth, China would never be able to take Taiwan back by force. To do so would mean an immediate cut off of all oil to China by the USA and an embargo of all Chinese goods by the USA and by much of Europe. It would critically damage the PRC economy and the only thing that is keeping the PRC government in power today is the economic miracle they have created in China. Chinese leaders have no motivation to upset the balance that is so successful today.


The reason I KNOW Noobs is Chinese is because so much of the BS that others reading this thread perceive as knowledge is actually propaganda spouted by the Chinese newspapers commonly found in the USA which Noobs obviously continues to read.

Noobs, please do not respond unless you are willing to admit where you were born. And go out and read some objective history instead of the Chinese communist version of history that bans Wikipediia in China because it expresses views of history that the Chinese government does not agree with.