FAA Exemption Moves Flying Car Closer to Road-Ready

The folks at Terrafugia have moved the flying car even further into the mainstream this weekend thanks to a weight exemption granted by the FAA.


While that may sounds a bit dry, it does mean their "Transition Roadable Aircraft" is one of the better contenders out there for the moniker "flying car."

The weight exemption (an additional 110 pounds worth) allows Terrafugia to accommodate road safety items like airbags, crumple zones and a safety cage—all things that are not found on your typical aircraft. Having these items, however, means the plane would be in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.


To think, some day soon you'll be able to safely land your Terrafugia flying car at Logan and then get tattooed by a road rage afflicted Masshole on the Mass. Pike all in one day! [Terrafugia via Slashdot]

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