Facebook Ads Are Going to Tell You When They're Tracking You

We know Facebook ads are tracking us, we just don't always know which ones. But that process is about to get more transparent because Facebook is going to start labeling the ads you see based on past behavior.

This new feature is the result of an agreement between the social network and the Council of Better Business Bureau. Here's how it'll work: Say you see an ad for deals on lift tickets, and you've been searching for snowboarding boots. Very curious. So you mouse over the ad, and you'll see a little grey-blue icon that tells you your browsing is being watched. Of course it would be vastly better if the stamp was just there without you having to hover over it. But you can certainly opt out of ads from specific brands, as well as tracking as a whole, and the stamp will make it more clear which manipulative adverts you don't want Facebook to show you. And that's at least a step in the right direction. [New York Times]


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