Facebook-Connected Hangers Show How Often an Outfit Is Liked

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The Brazilian branch of the clothing retailer C&A has come up with a rather ridiculous way to connect its stores to its online social media initiatives. LED-equipped hangers display how often an outfit posted to its Facebook page is liked, so shoppers are encouraged to buy what's most popular.


The gimmick perfectly sums up why fashion is completely subjective, and unfortunately there's not much of an opportunity to have a little fun with this on C&A Brazil's Facebook page, since we doubt they're going to post anything other than its most popular items. But there's nothing stopping someone from nonchalantly wandering into a C&A location and switching an item on a hanger with lots of likes, with the ugliest thing in the store to peer pressure gullible shoppers who are desperate to look en vogue.

Just think of it as an 'emperor's new clothes' experiment for the twenty-first century. Will shoppers actually buy something that's obviously horrendous just because it has lots of likes? We're assuming the answer is a resounding, and utterly disappointing, yes. [Springwise via The Verge]

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Seems like a good idea for all retailers so they can eliminate products that do not sell. That is only if people this feature responsibly (which will never happen).