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Facebook Is Getting Trending Topics

Illustration for article titled Facebook Is Getting Trending Topics

Want some Twitter in your Facebook? No? Too bad. According to a report by All Things D, Facebook is getting trending topics and they're rolling out today. Oh, and yes, they are literally going to be called "Trending Topics."


The new feature will take the form of a banner on the mobile site that displays across the top of a user's newsfeed, displaying information that the unwashed Facebook-masses are keen to chat about, whether or not they are friends of the user. If they click it, they'll see how their own personal friends are reacting to the trend, but they'll see content from a bunch of total strangers too.

The feature is rolling out slowly—to just a select handful of US users, and only on the mobile website for now—but its just another step towards opening up the comparatively closed universe of Facebook and letting it leak out in whatever way possible, whether you like it or not. [All Things D]


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Bs Baldwin

Didn't they have this before when enough of my friends talk about the same thing?